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Virtual Office: Is it right for you and your business?

Updated: Jul 17

Whether you're a freelancer, consultant, start-up or SME, we understand the importance of the right virtual office set up. Continue reading to gain an insight into the many benefits of a virtual office and why ours could be the perfect fit for you and your business.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office gives businesses a permanent business address and office-related services without the overhead costs of a physical office. As a virtual office operates mostly online, employees can work and manage day-to-day operations from anywhere, whether it’s working from a home office or local coffee shop, but still have a physical mailing address, mail scanning services and access to meeting spaces.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Office?

1. Professional Business Address

Even though you are operating a virtual company, you’ll need a permanent business address to receive your mail. Having a clear distinction between your professional and personal addresses establishes a professional image and provides a legal address for Revenue and CRO.

2. Low Start Up Costs

A virtual office is much less expensive to set up than a physical office. You do not have to find a suitable physical office space to fit a growing team, or worry about rental deposits, sourcing furnishings, or spending on office equipment and stationary.

3. East Set Up Process

A virtual office will help you start up your business idea quickly and easily. All you have to do is spend a few minutes submitting your details online and your new permanent business address will be ready to use within 24 hours for business correspondence and registration.

4. Increased Flexibility and Scalability

Now that many individuals are working from home, you and your team will benefit from the flexibility that a virtual office can bring. If you ever need to meet in person then meeting space can easily be booked. As a business owner, a virtual office supports you to scale your business quickly and easily. You can increase your team size and expand the reach of your business much more easily when you are not tied to a geographic location.

Why our Virtual Office is right for you

Terenure Enterprise Centre is a well established business space. We provide a virtual office service that gives your business the credibility it deserves, and is perfect for freelancers, consultants, start-ups and small and medium size businesses who require a prestigious Dublin business address.

Our Virtual Office provides:

  • Registered business address

  • Secure mail handling and scanning service

  • Secure small parcel handling and collection

  • 25% discount on all meeting space bookings

  • Invites to all in person networking events

  • Monthly newsletter updates (opt in)

How it works

When your mail is received, an image of the envelope is emailed to you. You can view and request to have selected letters opened, and the contents scanned, or you can choose to collect your letters in person from our reception team. All small parcels will be stored securely and ready for collection at a time convenient for you.

Be part of our community

Although we may not see you on a daily basis, we ensure that our Virtual Office members feel part of our community. You can opt in to monthly newsletter updates and invites to all in person networking and social events. You will also have a 25% discount on all meeting space bookings and the peace of mind that we are easily contactable by phone and email.

Interested in setting up a Virtual Office with us?

Take a look at our Virtual Office page for information about our easy set up process and flexible monthly and annual subscriptions by clicking the button below.

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