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Virtual Office
Terms & Conditions

  1. The service is provided for a period of 12 months.

  2. The cost of the service is €300+vat.

  3. Full payment by Card or EFT is required in advance of the service being activated.

  4. We will accept letters, A4 envelopes and small parcels on your behalf. We will not accept delivery of registered letters or consignments of stock.

  5. Mail can be collected Monday - Friday between 9am-5pm.

  6. We will invoice you one month in advance of your service end date to continue the service for another twelve months.

  7. If we do not receive payment on time we will contact you providing you with five days in which to pay, otherwise we will close your account with us and return all mail to sender.

  8. No monies will be refunded if you cancel the service before the service end date.

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