Active IT Society 2018 Calendar

The Active IT Society at Terenure Enterprise Centre is driven by our belief that age does not limit our access to engage in a world where technology offers us the opportunity to do so much. The ability to carry out everyday tasks online, stay in touch with family and live more active and independent lives through SMART Technology is empowering and life changing at any age but it is vital for older people. As we age and start to value quality of life and independence so much more, the awareness that you can actively be a part of new technology develops confidence and encourages social inclusion.

Since its inception in 2007 The Active IT Society, which was initiated by Terenure EnterpriseCentre, has grown its reputation for innovation and quality of the training we offer to our wide membership of people aged 55 and over. The Active IT Society is a voluntary society run by its own members and offers affordable and innovative training in a friendly and encouraging format. Members have the opportunity of learning in a safe, friendly and fun environment alongside their peers at their own pace, comfortable in the knowledge of support and continuity whilst also ensuring that they can develop as technology changes. In 2016 we introduced our SMART Ageing programme through which participants took on an Active Citizenship project where they could use their own life skills to give something back to their local communities. This project – entitled “If I Knew Then” – was based around the 100 year old lady who, when asked what her biggest regret was, replied “If I had only known at 70 how young I was”.

In 2018, the potential to spend as much time in retirement as we did in work is a very real and positive prospect. We want to ensure that those years are spent living life to the full. We wanted to celebrate “ageing with attitude” in the most positive way possible by producing this unique calendar created by older people, and starring older members of our community, to raise funds which will enable us to run projects aimed at engaging older people within the community.

It has been a huge journey of joy for everyone involved and Terenure Enterprise Centre is delighted to have been at the heart of it all. We especially would like to thank the local businesses who wholeheartedly lent their support by sponsoring advertisements; they actively encouraged our tireless and amazing Calendar Crew with their positive endorsements and goodwill. We would also like to thank the Community Foundation of Ireland Older Peoples Fund

Sales of the calendar have now ended! Thanks to all for your generous support